Dance Studio and School Concert Filming

Would you love a DVD for your special event, school concert, dance concert covered by a great team, but not sure about the cost involved?

If so, Encore Videography can help talk you through all you need to know with no obligation.

There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent months creating and refining your special event only to have no professional recording of it.

You feel disappointed you can’t share your event with family and friends.

Previously you relied on hand held cameras or mobile phones.

The problem with this option is that the quality is lost which despite phones promising 4K they fail with audio and lighting in concerts and special events.

That’s why today, I’m delighted to share with you the easy way Encore Videography can capture your special event and put it on a DVD for others to purchase.

Here at Encore Videography we’ve been helping local dance studios, schools and business’s all over Melbourne, with capturing their event on high definition audio and visual media. We even have the audio equipment to record on a 24 channel mixer, with up to 5 condenser microphones. This works best with school bands so that the highest quality audio is provided.

Whether you’re trying to capture a concert band, dance studio, school production or even carols by

candle light, Encore Videography gives you the missing pieces of the puzzle you need to finally make your production DVD a reality.

Now what makes this service different to any other videography service out there is that we want to build a relationship with you to work out the best setup that suits your organisation. This means we are limited for spots so connect with us soon.

Let me show you exactly how Encore Videography will work with you.

These are the steps we follow:

  • Contact us immediately by phone or filling in the booking form to see if we have availability for your event, we will get back to you very soon.
  • We will send a form for you to fill in your details.
  • There are several payment methods depending on your preference.
  • Once we film your event we will send you a preview copy within 4 days. You can suggest any changes.
  • We will make the artwork for your DVD and get your approval.
  • Then it is all printed within 5 days after approval.
  • Once payment is complete the final package of DVD’s is sent to you.

Here’s what people are saying about Encore Videography:

Citrus Dance Studio: “Have checked the DVD and it worked on my Laptop and was fantastic. Very happy please go ahead and burn all the copies.”

Berwick Primary School: “We were really happy with the quality, it was the clearest concert we have had so far.”

J’adore Calisthenics: “I sat down with 2 other coaches tonight to watch the DVD – and we are so impressed with the quality of the picture and the sound. It was brilliant! Best quality I have ever personally seen.”

By now you’re probably wondering how much the concert filming and DVD’s is going to be.

DVD Package Pricing

Take a look below and see how many DVD’s you expect to sell and you should get a good estimate. If you have any questions about the structure please contact us via the form below or call us:

School Concert Videography

DVD Package Pricing

Greatest Value

$20per DVD (USB $25, Digital $18)
  • Only For >100+ DVD Orders
  • Multi-camera Recording
  • 5 Complimentary DVD’s
  • Professionally Printed
  • Personalised Artwork

$30per DVD (USB $35, Digital $25)
  • For 50-100 DVD Orders
  • Multi-camera Recording
  • 5 Complimentary DVD’s
  • Professionally Printed
  • Personalised Artwork

$40per DVD (USB $45, Digital $35)
  • For 30-50 DVD Orders
  • Multi-camera Recording
  • 5 Complimentary DVD’s
  • Professionally Printed
  • Personalised Artwork

Make a Booking now:

But there is a limit on our time and the number of events that can be covered. We want to keep quality service and deadlines over quantity of work. So book us now if you know the date of your concert.

    Low Cost Orders for Large Familes

    Parents can order extra School Concert DVD’s at $10 per DVD on top of the sales price. We believe this provides parents the best way to share the performance of their child with relatives overseas.

    Let’s Get Started Today:

    So if you’re looking for peace of mind for your business and clients, just contact us and we will support you the whole way.

    Encore Videography will capture your event and produce an excellent DVD package to reminisce for years to come.

    So fill in your information and let’s get you started today.


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